World Peacekeepers. Power Team Elite. These words bring to mind images of Big Lots for many of us in the states, maneuvering through the strangely laid out aisles of unrelated items to find the toy section, and then hope that they’ve restocked their meager supply. Usually October-January is when they fully stock for the holidays, and many Big Lots get a sizable section dedicated to PTE stuff. Unfortunately, being in the states also means we get the shaft on many of the better items, we get ‘watered down’ versions of some, so we’ve had to resort to online retailers and friends across the blue for the better stuff.

BigBadToyStore took a chance and ordered a container of PTE items, and thus far it’s paying off. Sure, the prices seem a bit high, but overall I think it’s fairly nominal considering what it costs to ship overseas in either direction, so it probably balances out.

As a side note, I apologize ahead of time for the pictures. This plane was a bit larger than my light tent, so I had to improvise. I’m currently working on acquiring some better equipment to use for larger vehicles.

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