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Ian Walker

Managing Editor, Reviewer.

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AIM: XOC2008
Twitter: @XOFighting118th
Facebook: XOCFighting118th

I don’t have anything long and/or exceptionally detailed to divulge. Suffice to say, I, like many of us, got into GI Joe in the 80’s but fell out of favor during the neon color phase of their existence. As time passed I whittled my collection down to a few unbroken pieces here and there, and then they, too, vanished. Years went by and by the time GI Joe came out with their modern line I was married and had a kid and really had no time, money, or space to pick up my collecting again.

Eventually, through a carefully planned divorce, I was able to pick up where I left off, and though I had missed out on some things, I managed to acquire a decent collection, along with some 1:18th scale helicopters to highlight my display. It wasn’t long before I found this site, and after feeling a bit disenfranchised over the attitudes that some other communities regularly displayed, I made this place home. While I’m not a huge contributor to the site because of family, and future plans, I enjoy writing and giving other members their moment in the spotlight.

That’s about it. Contact info is above. If you need to, you know what to do.

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