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Kirk Downie

Contributor, Dio-maker

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E-mail: kirk.downie@fighting118th.com

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Whew where to begin about myself. Alice in Wonderland said it best, “Simply, I’m a Simple Person”.

I was born in the 70’s and got to see GI Joe (3 3/4), Star Wars, Transformers all from the beginning. The 80’s were the best. I was really into just about all brands of toys till I met girls. Fast Forward 25 years or so and I am standing in a toy aisle, looking for a present for my oldest son (He was 3 I think at this point) and I see a Star Wars 5 pack with Assaj Ventris, Mace, Jango, and 2 others. I bought 2 sets. We had just watched the Cartoon Network Clone Wars and I decided I wanted Assaj for my work desk. This was my first adult purchase for myself. Before long, I had about 30 Clones and my son practically had a fleet of droids . It has begun.

I noticed there was no play sets anywhere for me and my son to sit down and play on, so my first diorama began. From there my collecting habits went full circle just like childhood, Star Wars was my Gateway to my addiction or should I say re-addiction of Joes. I am mostly a collector first, than figure customizer. I make figures really to fill gaps in my collection or in between dio projects. Dios are what I like to do most. I like taking normal everyday household stuff and junk and using it to create a semi realistic dio. All my dios except ones for others get broken in by my kids. We use them all, If they break, they break, just means we get to make another.

So there you go, a simple write-up by a simple person.

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