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Tim Kraemer

anaging Editor, Video Game Reviewer, Forum Moderator

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E-mail: tim.kraemer@fighting118th.com

I,  like most children of the eighties fell in love with G.I.JOE.  I had almost all the figures and most of the vehicles.  As time went on,  I became “too old” for toys and my interests changed.  I wound up selling and destroying my collection for next to nothing.  I never thought twice about it until I was surfing online one day and discovered the 25th Anniversary line.  I was immediately drawn to the line and had to get the first set of figures.   Next thing I know,  I was reliving my youth,  buying “toys” left and right.  Catching up on the cartoons and comics that I had all but forgotten and joining several online communities to talk about my new found hobby as none of my “real life” friends had any interest in my new hobby.

Then I was invited to the Fighting1:18th and everything started to change.  To start with,  I found out that we had much better military “toys” out on the market.  Much more durable and realistic.  However,  G.I.JOE will always have a special place in my hobby.  I found some familiar faces and invited some of my friends as well.  Once I got comfortable with the forum,  I realized that this is a much more mature and fun place to share my hobby.  Then the site crashed… or as some say “crushed” :)

I was happy to be part of the rebuild,  I was originally sad that we lost all of our previous data and threads.  After a few weeks of realizing it wasn’t coming back,  I accepted the new forum and continued to help it grow to not only what it once was,  but to help achieve our goals going forward.  I’m now proud to be part of the staff.

As for my interests and hobbies.  I’m a sports junkie.  I love Mixed Martial Arts,  been a huge fan since 2002.  It’s ridiculous how much time I spend watching fights,  reading about trainers,  upcoming fights,  news etc.  I’m a die hard Chicago Bears fan,  have been since I was born,  in my family it’s not an option and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can literally waste days talking about my beloved Bears.  I also follow Basketball,  Hockey,  Baseball, Boxing and Soccer,  however that is more of a casual following.  In my free time I enjoy Video Games.  I will play Video Games until I die,  I’m what they call a “Sony Fan Boy”  however I have owned all kinds of systems throughout the years.  I just have preferred Sony over the last 10+ years or so since they have a superior system and better games.

Well that’s enough about me.  Feel free to contact me anytime at the email listed above or through Private Message.

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