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Originally Posted by Mandingo Rex View Post
Um, so reading more into that Hastings death...

So, his body was "charred beyond recognition" so that it took days to identify him, but he had a medicinal marijuana card in his fucking wallet, IN THE CAR, that was identifiable? And they were able to pull prints from him that matched FBI records?

Okay, I could be mistaken, and I'm no medical expert, but if a car explodes (either prior to or during impact) and it burns the driver beyond recognition, wouldn't his wallet and fingertips likely be damaged beyond recognition? Or did he dive face-first into whatever charred him?

I'm not normally a conspiracy nut but that entire story sounds shady as shit. He asked his neighbor the night of his death, 5 hours before the crash, if he could borrow her car because he was afraid to drive his own...

oh yeah... shit is dirty as fuck. They killed him, no doubt.

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