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Default 2014 East Coast Custom Con

Official Dates are:

Oct. 9th - 12th (9th will be evening set-up)
Same place as last year -

Radisson Hotel
1150 Camp Hill Byp
Camp Hill, PA

All event Pass $30
Day Pass $15

Any 118th member attending the Con and donates a minimum of $100 to the event, will receive a custom figure using unique/exclusive parts... built right there at the event!

Workshops will focus on "building a modern soldier" - everything from picking body parts, to weapons and gear. Custom parts will be available! Make sure you bring your customizing supplies - paints, dremel, etc.

Custom Figure Contest! That's right... put what you learn from "the build" to work!

Modern Warfare Survival Game! Same basic mechanics of last years turn-based "Heroic-Quest" game. How many waves of enemy troops can you survive???

The game is based on MW3 Survival Mode. You (up to 4 players) will have to survive waves of increasingly difficult forces. C4 dogs, claymores, Juggernauts (bitch!), and attack helo's to name a few. (waves will not be indefinite, obviously)

There will be armory crates which will allow players to purchase weapons, explosives, and air support. Yes! ~air support~ 130 gunship anyone? Ohhh... I can't wait for that one to get played.

Anyone wishing to play the game, may create a custom figure for their player character prior to the Con. Be advised however - players figure will start the game with pre-selected starting weapon. Whatever gear you put on your character is OK, since it doesn't play a true part in the gameplay. (Players can also create a player at the Con, if they choose. (That's a given, but thought I'd throw it in)

If we have any survivors/winners, the spoils of war go to the victors! (prizes )

Firefight! Deploy your troops on the large scale battleground dio. Great chance to show off your troops in action! Major photo ops.

Exclusive prizes, raffles, and general mayhem!

Exclusive Con figure "SOAR/Night Stalker" will be available! Pre-assembled and everything!

(actual cast figure shown, price TBD)
"And why can't we have 1:18th CoD figures?"

Seriously... Who's the ass crack that dropped that ball???

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