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Here Comes the Boom!!!
Mar 14, 2011
Lol, not sure why, but a while back I watched a whole youtube video (well, most of it at least) on the flat Earth thing. I had to (try to) understand where they were coming from I suppose. If I remember properly, they say the earth is a domed disc (not square like the pic) and the sun is much smaller, directional and is only a few hundred miles away or some such. And apparently all the other heavenly objects are just projected there to fool us or something. I never understood who the flat earthers believed was controlling this information throughout history and telling us all about a 3D universe, revolving solar system, etc. or how it benefited them to "fool" us all. I suppose it was the same people who filmed the moon landing on a sound stage in LA...


gobbles a LOT of cock
Mar 14, 2011
S.E. Mich :(
Even the people pushing that stuff can't actually believe it. No way. I can imagine some kind of agenda where it benefits them to pretend for some reason, but I refuse to accept that anyone truly thinks the earth isn't a sphere.
I don't think they buy it either. I think it started as a joke, but these people started getting YT famous and started generating revenue. Started selling merchandise and raking in the cash.

I mean, if they think it's all some world wide conspiracy that relies on the perpetrators projecting crap into the sky or something, did cave people painting this crap in caves have the technology to fool people? And if so, what was their agenda back then? What's the freaking agenda now?? Lets say they're right. It's flat as a pancake. Okay, so what. I wouldn't care one iota. If there was currently a "round Earth tax", I'd get squinty eyed.

So dumb.


"Big Guns"
Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
Hell, my kids (9 & 11) are still all about the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and santa. They're not dumb, and I know they have suspicions... but I think they're afraid that the gravy-train will stop if they speak up.

To be fair, I never once acknowledged to my mother that santa wasn't real until I had my own kids. We all knew that everyone knew everything, but it was just never spoken. It's like that old episode of King of Queens where we learn that Doug's parents just replace his childhood dog every 8-10 years without mentioning it, and everyone pretends that each one is the same dog he had 30 years ago. hahahaha...