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Mar 13, 2011
This is really a question for G.I.*EDDIE but anyone can chime in..

Eduardo.. why do I often see cars with Michigan licence plates driving around downtown LA all bundled up? They usually have random padding all over them or really stupid 'dazzle' style paint jobs. I assume these are prototype cars or something? But why are they on the damn freeway with all the other cars instead of a closed car hauler or something?

I don't ever see them where I live, but when I have to go to downtown for work I usually always see one or two on the road. It's weird.


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Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
I'm sure Eddie can elaborate, but that is extremely common deco for test mules of new cars. They want to obscure as many features as possible from prying eyes while still testing the cars in real world conditions. Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc are always full of pics of poorly disguised cars that are the source of infinite gearhead speculation.

As to why they are doing a lot of testing in Cali, I can't speak to that. Weather?


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Mar 14, 2011
S.E. Mich :(
nacho nailed it. And yeah, they're testing for different weather conditions. They are all over the place around here all year long, but if they're testing for "summer" conditions now, well, Michigan is currently warm weather deficient.

If you ever get the chance to peek inside of one of them in a parking lot you'd see all kinds of sensor measuring equipment. I once saw a GT40 in a Best Buy parking lot all cammoed up long before they were on the road. Holy BALLS the amount of equipment and gadgets in that interior! It looked like a 747 cockpit.


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Mar 29, 2011
There's a local annual comic book type convention coming next month and I'm in the process of making a classic Quake Ranger costume. With that going on I also played the Quake sound track in the car one day when I was driving the kids home.

To make this short, my oldest son suddenly decided Quake sounded interesting so he bought the game last night from Steam and started playing it and he LOVED it!

It was pretty awesome seeing it again after all these years, the sights, the sounds, all of it. Sadly, the original soundtrack wasn't part of it, or working/attached. I don't know if this was some sort of copyright issue but not having the soundtrack detracts from it, it helped create the atmosphere. I have the soundtrack and it's always available on youtube, but it's not the same as hearing it with the actual game.