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The Fighting 1:18th invades San Diego Comic-Con 2009!

Hurray! I have landed!comiccon09-01

After a grueling 4 hour drive, me and my compadres made it to San Diego for our annual trek to Comic Con.

We are going to get our passes and see some “preview night” stuff tonight in a little bit, and I will try to update this post as I can throughout the week with new photos and info I can dig up.

Sure you can find almost all this info on other sites, but I will make sure to deliver it with my snarky wit and … photogenical talents 🙂

cobra2Look, I even managed to capture a photo of a Marine AH-1W Super Cobra in the wild… Not bad for 75mph on the freeway!

Also: Be sure to chime in and join the raucus event that is our forums in the Official Fighting 1:18th Liveblog!!

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