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Hello everyone... I'm reporting in with my brief notes on the 2009 SDCC Hasbro G.I. Joe panel. One of my friends "forgot" to get in line while I was at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth so we got to sit all the way in the back, which was fine as Hasbro really had a poor showing as far as Audio/Visual material. I got a few pictures but they turned out bad, and were very uninspiring.

SDCC 09 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Panel Notes

Now on to the “reveals”, first up is Charbroil, which I broke the news last night (check it!), he’s got his classic flamethrower and captures the idea of the character somewhat, with a RoC styled design.

Next is the Night Adder, who is a “singular figure” like Copperhead, who runs the COBRA security forces, he’s got tattoos up the wazoo, and one of the designers said he has “SPRINGFIELD” tattoo’d across his back! He comes with a rottweiler dog, and is African-American.

They also showed the Red Fang Ninja, which is basically another ninja army builder. Yawn.

Also shown was Kamikura, who is used in the upcoming EA G.I. Joe game, they also showed the green Nano-Viper who was “infused by nanomites” and comes with some “nanomite vines” which can be used to attack vehicles etc.

Next, they showed some alpha vehicles, which have all been seen before. The Polar Shark comes with the figure “Ice Storm” who they described as a “Deadliest Catch” type person, and is directly movie based. They are also working in the interchangable weapons pods, with the spring loaded weapons that come with the other vehicles, figures, and the PIT.

joe01Next they showed the Desert Rockslide vehicle with Dusty, which looks stupid to me, but the Dusty figure is great! Then there was the Volcano Pod, which is a mole pod made for.. hot areas. Comes with another new figure, which has lots of hot tempeture gear on, and looks pretty cool.

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