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Hello everyone... I'm reporting in with my brief notes on the 2009 SDCC Hasbro G.I. Joe panel. One of my friends "forgot" to get in line while I was at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth so we got to sit all the way in the back, which was fine as Hasbro really had a poor showing as far as Audio/Visual material. I got a few pictures but they turned out bad, and were very uninspiring.

SDCC 09 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Panel Notes

They then moved to the bravo-class vehicles, showing the hideous Dragonhawk helicopter thing, still as crappy as we’ve seen all along. They even went so far as to say it’s a good sized helicopter. Come on now. Wild Bill was made expressly with the Resolute coloring though, so that’s neat.

The Crimson Hydra is a repaint of course, but the pilot is a reimagining of the “Star Viper” of yesteryear.

The panel then moved on to the vendor exclusive items, most of which have been shown before.

Target is getting the figure + tiny vehicle sets we’ve seen already, as well as the “now and then” sets, where they include a vintage ARAH vehicle and figure (with O-ring style!) as well as the new RoC version of the vehicle and figure. This looks pretty cool, as each side of the box has the vintage/roc styling. They also mentioned this is going to be continued theme, with some “Now and Then” figure packs coming out at a later date.

Personally, I couldn’t care less, as I have no use for old O-ring figures anymore, but it is a nice nod to the ARAH purists out there 🙂

Next, Wal-mart is getting their two packs, which lets Hasbro show off new figures and classic figures in new RoC deco’s. There is a “Ninja Face Off” set between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, with a ninja backdrop. Looks decent if you’re into ninjas. Wal-mart is also getting the mini-playsets (damn), and they are expected to go on sale later this year. They have a Coba MMS system, reminiscent to the Sears exclusive set, there is a Defender Outpost, which comes with a RESOLUTE ROADBLOCK (cool!) figure, and there is a Cobra surveillance outpost as well. Neat items, sad that they are Wal-Mart exclusives though.

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