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The upcoming 1:18 scale F-14 by JSI is one of the holy grails for 1:18 scale collectors, and I almost missed seeing it at SDCC 09!

SDCC 09 – JSI 1:18 scale F-14! (Part 1)

f14-02The F14 came with armament attached, though the Merit represenative did not know if alternate weapons configurations would be available.

Personally I would love some conversion kits, especially to a Bombcat, but I’m happy enough for now for ANY F-14! I could not tell, and honestly forgot to ask, how removable the armaments were. I would imagine they will snap on and off, and I’ll go back tomorrow for some more details.

f14-09The plane will of course have working swept wing action, though they did not display this model with the wings out. Again, I’ll ask tomorrow if they can change its position for a photo opportunity.

The details on the plane are nice, though rough. I am really excited to see what this plane looks like all painted and ready to go.

Only a few months to go 🙂

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  1. Awesome news!!! Thank you for the scoop.

    Can you ask Merit what they think about getting JSI to roll out a 1/18 A-10 Warthog?


  3. Thanks for the great info! Do they plan to do at least a couple repaints of Tomcat?

  4. Holy shinola!

    Glad that I ordered 2 of these!

    God Bless President Reagan!!!!!!!!


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