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So I went by the local ToysRus today to see if they had the new Unimax "Assault Force" 1:18 scale LAV-25, but they did not. They did, however, have the new G.I. Joe "Rise of Cobra" Senior Ranking Officers 3-packs in stock.

Toys R Us Sightings! 08.20.09

tru03So I went by the local ToysRus today (In Los Angeles, CA)  to see if they had the new Unimax “Assault Force” 1:18 scale LAV-25, but they did not.

They did, however, have the new G.I. Joe “Rise of Cobra” Senior Ranking Officers 3-packs in stock.

Coming in at $14.99, they had the pack with a recolored Sgt. Stone, Speed Metal, and “Grunt”.. who is basically a recolored MP Zartan figure.

tru01They also had the Cobra/MARS pack as well, with the Cobra Viper Commando, a Blue Destro and a recolored Elite-Viper. They had 3 of each in stock as of this morning.

Personally I do not like the new coloring for the Elite-Viper versus the single-carded version.. but that’s just my opinion. The colored visor is nice, but the main body color doesn’t look as good as the previous blue. The new Viper Commando has a newly painted helmet, which looks pretty cool.

Also at TRU today, I did see the new Unimax “Assault Force” figures, and 1:32 scale items. These appear to be the EXACT same items Target is carrying under their “Bravo Team” line.

tru04 tru05

It is nice to see these outside of Target, and for the same $4.99 price point. They also had the $7.99 para-trooper figures as well. These were also the exact same as the Target figures, just with new card art.

tru06Finally, when I was purusing the isle, I noticed that they had a “Best of the 80’s” DVD pack and a “Arise Serpentor” DVD pack with the straps on Dusty! I had never seen these at retail before personally, so it was very weird that they showed up now.

That’s all for now.. no sign of the “Assault Force” 1:18 LAV-25 out west yet.. maybe on Saturday!

Update! Visited a 2nd Toys R Us on my way home (In Ventura, CA) and they also had 3 of each SRO set.. no LAV-25 but they did have the 1:18 scale Shermans.

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  1. Yeah, I would imagine they will be getting out pretty soon. It’s weird that at JoeCon the little tags said 11/09 for availability.. so they made it out quick!

  2. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated! I live in the Midwest, so I’m not sure when they’ll arrive here. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Maybe?!

  3. I updated the post.. sorry about the missing info! One TRU was in Los Angeles County, one in Ventura County, both had the sets.

    They have also been spotted in Texas according to our forums!

  4. Our own, lovely Paul Ernst is located on the left coast, residing in the fair state of California. Does this help in your acquisition of these fine specimens of plastic seduction?

    Does this too satisfy your lust to bust chops?

  5. Which city is the TRU located in that you found these?

  6. Awesome photos, bud!

    Thank you for sharing the intel with us!

  7. Saw your report on Justin’s site. Not to bust chops, but to help give me an idea where these are in the distribution change, can you tell me which area of the country this TRU is in??

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