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Although this may not be news, but for what it is worth, the TRU, Star Wars Exclusive deluxe vehicles are now out in the wild. Read more after the jump.

Toys R’ Us Exclusive Star Wars Deluxe Vehicles Released

While out and about today I came across the Toys R Us Exclusive Star Wars Deluxe Vehicles. In my neck of the woods if something has been released here it usually means I’m the last to know, but I wanted to pass the information on just in case.

The first piece is a repack of the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Scout Trooper packed in with a repainted speeder bike similar to the “non exploding” version released in the Ultimate Endor Battle Pack a couple of years back. The Bike is painted in a dull gray color and still has the original Powers of the Force handle bars included. I’m not sure why Hasbro can’t attach the handles from the Attack of the Clones speeder bike, or simply make us a brand new speeder. With a speeder bike being included as a pack in with the new AT-AT and this deluxe pack, not to mention battle pack opportunities, I would suspect that Hasbro could have justified developing a newer, more accurate version of this iconic vehicle.

The second exclusive deluxe set is another repack of the Clone Wars Battle Droid bundled with the STAP, or single trooper aerial platform. The Battle Droid utilizes the same mold from the Battle at the Bo’Marr Monestary Clone Wars battle pack. The battle droid features arms fixed in the horizontal position in order to hold the handles of the STAP vehicle. The STAP is a repaint of the original Phantom Menace STAP mold. Of note is the repainting job on the STAP itself, it is very well done.

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