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Here is the Fighting 1:18th's report from the first day of the Weekend of Heroes!

A Weekend of Heroes 2010 Report! *Updated!*

Merit did not have a JSI F-14A on display at the show, which I thought was a little odd, considering it is their current largest piece, and I figured a lot of people would like to see it. However, they did bring the IranianF-14 custom that was done some months back and shown around at various trade shows.Due to the potential controversy surrounding anything Iranian, Merit decided not to display the F-14 in their booth, but they did have it tucked away in a shipping box underneath.

I would have liked to see it all put together and displayed, but I did get to poke around with its various parts in the box. I had never seen a JSI F-14A until now, so I was really taken aback by how large it really is.

Contrary to what I’ve heard, I can confirm that this variation is not currently scheduled for production, and an Iranian F-14 would most likely never be released in the states. However, the same paint scheme *MAY* (emphasis on MAY) be used at some point in the future for a “Top Gun” Aggressor squadron release.

This pretty much depends if there is ever a large order for an Iranian version, maybe by Iran themselves? We will have to wait and see what the market demands, though a Top Gun version sounds like a good idea to me!

Tony mentioned that the return percentage for the original JSI F-14A was really only around 1%, and those were mostly due to damaged parts. He showed me how many people broke the landing gear the first time they took it out, as well as the radar assembly in the nose. He admitted the biggest mistake JSI made with the F-14A (other than the spots, haha) was not including any directions in the box. That little piece of paper probably could have avoided numerous problems, and hopefully JSI will include them with their future planes!

Speaking of future planes, Tony guessed that there would most likely be two more versions of the F-14A before they retool the mold to make a F-14B and then finally the much anticipated F-14D. As usual, I am sure everyone wont get their favorite squadron or markings, but hopefully they can make enough people happy to keep making more airplanes.

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  1. The new P-38 “Marge” looks fantastic, as do the Merit Soldiers.

    The Iranian F-14 is starting to grow on me.

    Thank you again for the recon and subsequent intel on these lines, as your insight is always appreciated.

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