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Halo Reach carded figures at Walmart!

Halo Reach Found! (Updated 8.22.10)

8.12.10 – During an unscheduled stop at Walmart to look for the still MIA POC Joe figures, I ran across the new Halo Reach figures.  This was completely unexpected since one, Walmart has not carried Halo since I have been collecting and two, Reach figures should not be out until September.  Judging from the back of the cards, it appears only the first half of Series One was on the pegs.  They also had the Red vs Blue two pack and the 4pc boxset currently being offered at Target.  So if you can’t wait to grab your Reach figures, it’s time to start checking your Walmarts.

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Update:  8.22.10

I stumbled onto the Reach Marine 2pk and the Spartan vs Elite 2pk at Target this evening.  Sorry, only grabbed the Marines:

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  1. i grabbed a pack of marines and when i opened it was really disappointed. they cant move their arms!

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