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...the Forums have been eradicated from this planet.

Forums took a beating

Not quite sure what happened, but I guess the Tsunami made it to our webserver, as the Forums have been eradicated from this planet.

I find it somewhat fitting that I was just finishing watching “The Road”, and everything went to hell in a handbasket real quick. Looks like it was in town with a few days to kill.

Somehow everything got corrupted, maybe it was Skynet, maybe I drank too much and thought the words were talking back to me.. we may never know.

Either way, or anyway or.. whatever.. I think the Forums, as we knew them, are gone, forever.

We (We, being I) have Top Men (TOP MEN!) working on it at the moment.. but this time, its personal!

I also had to disable the forum/frontpage link as it was screwing everything up.. you’ll need to register on the front page again I think.. I’m not really sure.

I’m going to go finish “The Road” (Starring Viggo Mortensen no less!) and then try and figure out if I can do anything.

I’ll be back. Probably.
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  1. Soon my precious.. soon…

  2. I’m just going by what K-T and Midget have. I don’t know how that happened but it’s a fix. It is kind of boring without the forums though. The places I’ve had to go just to talk about toys. Dark, cold places. 🙁

  3. We do? How fancy! Who needs forums…

  4. We have smileys on here too? Nice!

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