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It's that time of year again folks!

2011-2012 “Officers Club” Membership Drive!

It’s that time of year again folks!

The Fighting 1:18th is having our annual “Officers Club” membership drive. The purpose of this drive is to help offset some of the yearly costs associated with the website. We are 100% advertising and sponsor free, and expect to remain that way as long as we can continue to!

We have always felt that accepting money from manufacturers or retailers would cheapen or influence some of the reporting and reviews that we do, so we decided we’d go at it alone and do things out way whether people liked it or not. It gives us the freedom to do what we want, and say what we think, and so can you!

This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members.

These are the benefits you get for becoming an Officer (Besides the warm fuzzy feeling inside!):

+ B/S/T Access w/ Year Membership
+ Fighting 1:18th Exclusive Patch*
+ Additional Private Message Space from 100 -> 250
+ Additional file hosting space from 15M/20M to 30M
+ Unique color tag for name
+ Access to Officer’s Club Exclusive Forum
+ Access to exclusive contests + prizes for Officers
+ Personalized “yournamehere@forums.fighting118th.com” email address**
+ Our undying love and admiration for helping us be the last, best place to BS without BS!

* The patches are currently in the works, and will be mailed out as soon as we have them in hand.
** Send me a PM if you are interested in setting up the Email address.

As of right now, all the perks will be year-to-year donation dependent, so they will last until your subscription runs out. This MAY (and most likely some will) change during the course of the year.

The price this year is $32/year (The $2 is to help with damn Paypal charges!). You can access the form through this link: http://www.fighting118th.com/forum/payments.php

If you do not have Paypal, would like to donate MORE than $32, or would like to donate through regular mail, please send me a message on the forums.

Thank you everyone who helps us out! (Firefly76 and BigJim already tested the system out!!)

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