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SDCC 2011 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Booth – Diorama

SDCC 2011 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Booth – Diorama

Here is the diorama that the Hasbro team set up for the 2011 SDCC convention!

It depicts a sizable Cobra force attacking the G.I. Joe force in no other place but on the deck of their own U.S.S. FLAGG!

Now, to be clear, Hasbro is *NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT* planning on making the U.S.S. FLAGG again. This one used for the diorama is a classic piece donated for the diorama. Don’t get your hopes up for a new U.S.S. FLAGG.

They had some fun with this diorama, with some of my favorite scenes being Low-Light and his spotter sniping from the conning tower, Beachhead silently eliminating a Viper behind enemy lines, and Quick-Kick and Snake-Eyes getting all Ninja on an Alley-Viper. Be sure to check out all the pics for a complete 360 view of the diorama. They even snuck in a certain someone to command the ship..

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  1. It looks like a bit of a mess when taken as a whole, but when you look closer at each individual setup it looks a lot cooler. The little details like a spotter for Low-Light, Quick-Kick choking a guy out etc.

    Obviously they put time and effort into it, and it shows. I’d love to get paid to do that.

    Also, they said the FLAGG would cost at least $650 each with today’s prices. No one is going to pay that.

  2. When I saw this, at first I thought how insanely cool it was to see it all put together… nice action-packed diorama. Then I thought… jeez what a kick to the nuts of all the fans that want a Flagg so desperately.

  3. What a mess of a dio. Shows the lack of focus. They’ve rehacked old parts for new figures, etc. At least last year they had seperate mini dios featuring eah set of figures in their theme or element. Surprised they didn have Arctic Shipwreck snow shoeing on the deck. Lazy in my opinion and they’re not even offering the Flagg again.

  4. Cool photos!!!

  5. that is magnificent. If only they actually had plans of re-releasing classic Play-sets such as the Flagg and Terrordrome.

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