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The Fighting 1:18th is here at the San Diego Comic Convention 2011!

SDCC 2011 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Booth

The Fighting 1:18th is here at the San Diego Comic Convention 2011!

First stop (as always, well, besides the bar) is the Hasbro G.I. Joe booth. It’s pretty small this year unfortunately, tucked between Star Wars and the Iron Man (Still?) and Captain America figures.

Here are the main figures on display in the case. You may notice the date on some of the figures went from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012.

Things look good, no Data-Viper though, and he *IS* cancelled indefinitely at the moment unfortunately according to a Hasbro Designer. The tooling was never completed due to cost, though the idea may return at some point, as they do not like to let good ideas go to waste (Hmmm!!).

I also included the three vehicles on display, the upcoming COBRA Crimson HISS, new VAMP, and the Black Dragon VTOL.. thing!

Will be posting pictures of the cool U.S.S. FLAGG diorama they set up for the convention shortly, as well as the pictures of the SDCC 11 exclusive items.


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  1. After looking at the upcoming new figures they are starting to grow on me. One thing is for sure, I’ll be using the tutorial on making foam buildings as these tend to be more urban combat based. May even have to search for civilians for hostages and some cool diecast cars.

    The Renegades are actually pretty cool and will make good spec op’s and may even pull me into the joeverse using the characters as they are intended getting closer to the storyline. The cartoon was cool, but kind of slow and could tend to be boring, so I’ll liven it up with my take using dios.

    I can see myself getting:
    Tunnell Ratt, for the cool figure, but mostly the robot and rifle. Been thinking of how to make one with a 1/72 scale tank, but now I’ll just wait.

    Scarlett, which may be the first female figure I buy for myself. I like the color scheme and style of clothing.

    Roadblock, because the Helmet is worth it to me.

    Renegade Cobra Trooper, for the handcuffs and the figure is kind of cool, a little cartoony but it’ll work

    Law & Order, need some regular swat or police in a world of anarchy. Wish I had that dog when I did my “Catching Up With UBL” dio.

    Lifeline, I don’t know why, but I got to have it, Gear is worth it, but the figure is a much better rescue figure than POC Doc.

    Hazard Vipers, will need a few of those for bio attacks.

    Duke Renegade, well , you always have to buy Duke, come on. Really though the clothing will be good for futuristic spec ops, I just wish it was more in line with the cartoon myself.

    Stalker, that is a must have because i don’t have one and after seeing footloose’s photo of one he’s my most saught after and looks like he’ll be the first out. Not sure about what’s going on with the back of his head. This figure will make a good daytime commando squad so I won’t have to but a bunch of Commando Snake Eyes to repaint.

    Firefly, no Ninja’s for me. Most dissapointing figure. I see him as a tactical bad A@# rather than a ninja.

  2. wtf is that a zombie? awesome!

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