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SDCC 2011 – Hasbro Booth – Updates

SDCC 2011 – Hasbro Booth – Updates

Got some additional info today from some people.. also got some more info on the upcoming figures.. etc etc. Spent an inordinate amount of time at the Joe booth as nothing else is really exciting.

General consensus is next year is the year for Joe, TF/Marvel are getting all the budgets right now. Once the movie info gets more nailed down they will begin showing more stuff. The movie will obviously determine the direction of Joe, but again won’t be pinned down until the movie gets fully flushed out.

Data-Viper is cancelled, no if’s, and’s or butt’s. Directly from the Marketing person @ Hasbro. They would “love” to be “able” to release it sometime in the future, but as the tooling was never done, there is no plans to release it at any point. The figure was simply too expensive to make, and the decision was made to save two or more figures by canceling the Data-Viper.

The “Spring 2012” tag on the figures is likely to stick. Hasbro would again “love” to be able to get the figures into your grubby little hands as soon as possibly, but after consulting with HFE (Hasbro Far-East) they determined that the product would not make the Fall 2011 time frame. Obviously this is an estimate, and the SkyStriker was pegged for “Fall 2011” and it’s in stores now, so it’s entirely possible for them to come out ahead of schedule, but they’d rather surprise people than disappoint with late product.

Most of the upcoming figures have the new swivel hands from what we can tell, which is nice. Most of the Renegades figures come with way less extra gear than the “Modern Era” stuff, which is disappointing. Life-line does look great, glad he’s not a pacifist. The Zombie should be easily converted to a real zombie without the toxo stuff, which is nice. The Renegade guns look pretty dumb in my opinion though.

As of about 4PM PST the Starscream and variant Zarana figure had sold out at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth, no word on if they are getting more for this weekend or for the HTS.com website.

More info as it develops..

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  1. Will update when the convention floor opens and I make it down there.

  2. Any word if the Starscream and variant Zarana are sold out entirely or just that day?

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