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Big Lots is back!

Big Lots is back!

Christmas in August!

Word around the internet was that Big Lots has loaded up again and the fighting 118ths own K-Tiger has already sounded the alarm while Wild weasel has come through with some images of a few of the new sets. There are plenty of the usual suspects but also a few new players.


One set that looks to probably be one of the more popular ones comes with a UAV. Seeing how Hasbro has canceled this item (for now?) this is perfect for all those that were looking forward to this accessory. On top of that there is also a desert themed watch tower. Some of the sets come with plenty of items especially for the price. Some things have gone up $2 but it’s still great deals for what you get.


Will some of the newer sets that were overseas make it here this year? Will we finally see the SU 27 here? Let’s hope but for now enjoy the haul and get out and find some new PTE stuff, especially during this lull in the hobby.


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