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Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 Review

“Fight for the Lost!”

I just had the pleasure of completing Mass Effect 2 for the Playstation 3.  This was my first introduction into the Mass Effect world.  Upon release, Mass Effect 2 was an exclusive title to the XBOX360 and PC as was the original ME1.  After winning several 2010 “Game of the Year” honors ME2 was released for the PS3 as a Game of the Year edition with free DLC content.

For those that aren’t familiar with ME2,  it’s a Bioware game that is a cross between a RPG and a Shooter.  ME is it’s own universe however if I had to explain it to somebody who has no knowledge of it,  I would say it’s a mix of Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Matrix.

Things that you do and choose in the game greatly effect what will happen later on.  Choices that you made in ME1 also effect what happens in #2.  To rectify that for PS3 users,  at the start of the game,  they have an interactive comic produced by Dark Horse recapping what happened in ME1 and letting you make choices as you go.  This was a nice treat to new fans of the series that many game companies don’t take the time to do.  Most sequels either expect that you played the first one or force you to look up the details online or from another source.

ME2 perfectly combines two of my favorite genres,  3rd person shooter and RPG.  It’s a shooter with loads of action with a great open world “sandbox” RPG feel to it.

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