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Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 Review

I mentioned earlier that you will be scouring the galaxy putting a team together.  This was one of the more enjoyable parts of the game.  Along the way,  you will recruit members of different species,  some being characters from the first game that your main character will remember.  Of course this being my first introduction to the ME world,  I didn’t recognize them.  However there is enough dialogue options that you quickly learn about your history with your future team.

Once you have recruited a team member and have had some dialogue with them,  then a Loyalty mission will unlock.  Each character has a Loyalty mission and once you complete this task they will become fully loyal to your team and you will receive a bonus.  The Loyalty missions vary.  In one instance you help a squad member hunt down her lost father who turned out to be a traitor.  In another mission you help a squad member assassinate her own daughter,  of course you get to choose if the daughter lives or not,  however,  if you make the wrong choice,  the squad member won’t become loyal.  As you go on missions,  most of the time you will bring 2 squad members with you.  Each having their own perks and weapons.  You will have some missions that you must do alone.

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