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Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 Review

This is a Bioware game.  Anybody who has played a Bioware game knows that you also have an opportunity to pursue relationships with certain characters if you choose.  This game is rated M for mature.  You will be experiencing mature rated content like the aforementioned Relationships,  Politics,  Slavery,  Racism,  Religion and Violence etc.  I don’t recommend letting anybody under the age of 13 play this game alone and the game’s rating system claims that you need to be 17 or older.

My only complaint about the game is sometimes the controls get frustrating.  When your directing your squad in battle,  they sometimes don’t react the right way and get themselves wiped out.  Also,  the “climbing” systems needs in overhaul.  A simple jump button would have been nice.  The only way you can climb is to duck and cover behind the object you want to climb and then hit “X” to vault over the object.  It gets annoying when your taking heavy fire.  Also,  I enjoy fully completing a game and like to get every trophy/achievement and in order to do that,  you must beat the game on “insanity” mode.  Insanity mode is a good name for it as you will get your butt handed to you.  That’s coming from a very experienced gamer too.  That’s minor compared to the greatness in the game.  My favorite part of the game is the final mission.  It can only be described one way:  EPIC!!!

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