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GI Joe Retaliation Press Images

GI Joe Retaliation Press Images

Big news came out of Toy Fair 2012 today from Hasbro. A slew of toys were revealed today including the announcement of the wave assortment for GI Joe Retaliation. Take a look at these Press Images for GI Joe Retaliation. Not all of what was shown at Toy Fair is in the release however we do have a photo of the much anticipated Joe Colton who is getting his first figure in the Modern Era and is of course portrayed by Action Film Superstar Bruce Willis in the upcoming GI Joe Retaliation Movie.

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GI Joe Single Carded Wave Assortment

Wave 1

  • Cobra Commander
  • Red Ninja
  • Duke
  • Snake Eyes
  • Zartan
  • Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow
  • Cobra Trooper
  • GI Joe Trooper

Wave 2

  • Battle Kata Roadblock
  • Ninja Duel Snake Eyes

Wave 3

  • Alley Viper
  • Cyber Ninja
  • Joe Colton
  • Lady Jaye
  • Dragon Ninja

Wave 4

  • Blind Master
  • Kim Arashikage

Wave 5

  • Crimson Guard 
  • Night Viper


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