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State of GI Joe so far in 2012

State of GI Joe so far in 2012

A new movie is almost upon us and that means new action figures for the G.I. JOE line. Is that a good thing though?  That’s hard to say with what has been shown to date. It would seem that things have gone the way of the ninja and hugely overcompensating spring-loaded launcher.  On top of that, the vehicle drivers are losing crucial articulation.  No big deal to some, but that may have a negative effect on the already weak support for the small G.I. JOE vehicles.  The figures do leave much to be desired, but thankfully there are a few gems in the pile.  Sadly though, some of the better figures won’t be seen until later waves or at ROSS stores.


Oh my! Look at the size of that launcher.

Again, Hasbro makes a female figure the SDCC exclusive this year, but at least they did a pretty good job with it.  On top of that the SDCC crossover exclusive is an interesting one too.  This year they are doing a cool Transformers Soundwave in the form of a COBRA HISS tank. All it needs is to have the tracks switched with a HISS scout since it has the static tracks. It comes with a pretty cool Destro figure, along with a construction-themed B.A.T.

2011 had some great product I felt. We were given the Pursuit of Cobra line and then the short lived 30th anniversary. Both of which have had limited showings in the later waves. This seems to be a trend with the franchise though. It’s really a shame too because they tend to put some really nice stuff in the later waves. Pursuit of Cobra had General Hawk and Low Light which were tough to find in certain locales while the 30th anniversary had the elusive zombie viper that will be almost impossible to find at retail.  Most places seemed to get Techno Vipers at least with some luck finding Sci Fi and Lifeline which seemed to some of the more sought after figures for ARAH fans.

Renegades came and went and seemed to have mixed emotions. One problem I had with it was all the story building they did will go nowhere else. Although the show is on “hiatus” it would seem apparent it will not come back. The toys offered a few good ones though. It gave us a Duke that was a good base for customs and the “ultimate” Storm Shadow as many fans will call him. Scarlett came with a new articulation and some figures came with a good amount of accessories such as Tunnel Rat.  Although the figures had a cartoon look to them they could get mixed it with the other lines with minor effort.

Brains!! Wish someone would use them to get me on the shelves!

Retail is one of the bigger issues it seems.  With all the great product that came out it seemed that buying online was the only way to get a hold of some things.  Although it’s nice to know you will not miss out of product it does kill the enjoyment of finding things on the pegs at retail.  Buying online has also increased the investment into the hobby itself.  What was an $8 figure before now has gone to $11-$13 at times if not more.  On top of that you kind of need to buy more than you want so shipping is worth your time.  I will admit, if not for online I would not have a single zombie viper.  It pained me to do it but I knew that distribution would never make it to my area.

So as of now, I feel that the franchise is in decline.  It is kind of expected with movie figures getting ready to hit the shelves.  Hopefully the figures do well enough that they can put more good product out like in 2011.  I personally will be saving plenty of money during the movie line.  Hopefully the director has put together a decent film to draw the crowds and get the youth interested in action figures.  The franchise could use a good boost.

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  1. Great editorial as the way things stand!!

  2. The movie won’t get kids playing with the toys if Hasbro is too cheap and lazy to advertise them on TV. Seriously, a 20-30 sec add could have sold those Sky-strikers and Black Dragon VTOLs off the shelf’s in no time.

  3. Who else would they be targeting for toy sales?

  4. getting kids back into /G.I.JOE has proved dificult for Hasbro…do they think making them even more lame is really gonna help?…

    that’d be like giving a kid a corded phone in place of cell phone…who in the heck wants to take a step backwards?

  5. Just posing a question: Would you have bought a VAMP in ’82 if clutch had been a brick? It was my first Joe toy ever. Had it been a gimpy figure, I’m not sure I would have plunked down my hard-earned allowance. Much of the appeal of Joe back then was the awesome articulation compared to Kenner Star Wars. Joe was light years ahead. Sadly, Joe seems to be slipping back in the arms race (pun intended).

  6. I don’t mind bringing the kids back, but is this really what they want?

  7. I mean, if they get the kids into it this round, it’s probably a bigger win overall for the brand.

    Getting kids back into GI Joe like they did with the Transformers flicks is the shot in the arm that Joe needs to survive. Us old man-children can only keep it on life support for so long.

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