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Black Ops Review

Black Ops Review

This COD like all the others has a very impressive armory.  You will have the usual guns like the M16 and AK-47,  the Rocket launchers,  Sniper Rifles,  Explosives like Grenades and Mines and of course a large array of Shotguns and hand guns among everything else that you would expect.  You will also have some unusual weapons like the RC Car that is very affective and easy to obtain.  It’s very frustrating when you are trapped in a corner and see a Car coming at you.  Your first reaction is to try and shoot it,  as the car gets closer and closer your instinct kicks in and you try to jump over it,  only to be blown up into 60 pieces.  Another cool weapon is the crossbow.  This long range and deadly weapon is very affective.  It’s too bad that many players just use it to spam random arrows blindly and actually get many cheap kills with it.

The game also features the more tradition modes like Domination,  Free for All,  Team Deathmatch and Headquarters.  I of course stuck to mainly Team Deathmatch as that’s the mode I’m more comfortable with.  Black ops comes pre loaded with several solid maps.  My favorites are Nuketown,  Firing Range,  Array and Grid.  Nuketown is by far the most popular map.  It’s a very small map that is located in a Nuclear Testing Ground site.  This map was picked and voted on so much that Activision eventually downloaded a patch that wouldn’t allow you to vote for a map over and over.  They also added weekend specials that would allow players to have Nuketown only sessions later on in 2011.   Other Map locations included a Research facility on a snowy mountain,  a Abandoned Soviet base,  a Cuban Estate,  and a Vietnam Jungle apply named Jungle.  These original maps are still my favorite maps to date on any COD game.

Black Ops released 4 DLC packages since the game was released.  These packages sold very well despite being very pricey.  The DLC added plenty of Multiplayer Content to add to the already outstanding replay value.  The first DLC was titled “First Strike” and contained four new maps for multiplayer and a new Zombie only map titled  “Ascension” which takes place in a Soviet launch site.  The four Multiplayer maps are called Berlin Wall,  Discovery,  Kowloon and Stadium.  My favorite of the bunch was Berlin wall.  The second DLC was called “Escalation” and brought you four additional multiplayer maps as well as a new Zombie map based on movies made by George A Romero.  This map allowed new playable characters like Sarah Michelle Geller and Danny Trejo and is called “Call of the Dead”.  The third DLC is titled “Annihilation” and again features one new Zombie map and four new Multiplayer maps.  The zombie map is named “Shangri La”,  which takes place in a legendary shrine lost in a exotic jungle.  The final piece of DLC is a Zombie only map pack called “Rezurrection”.  This features five new maps with four of them being carried over from World at War and the fifth being the super popular “Moon” which allow players to fight zombies in zero gravity with both the player and the zombies under zero gravity influence.  Including the DLC Maps you will have 26 available maps that range from a 60′s American Drive-In theater,  an abandoned Soviet Russian Zoo,  a hockey rink set in North America,  a Havana map and China map to just name a few.










Black Ops is a great overall experience with one of the best single player stories in the Franchise.  The game is loaded with content that adds to the excellent replay value.  I spent 10 solid months playing this game and truly never got tired of playing it.  I only stopped because I had such a large backlog of games that I’m still trying to catch up on.  I highly recommend playing this game and based on my last few games online,  it still has a large following and dedicated community.  I give Call of Duty: Black Ops a 9/10.  I played and reviewed this game exclusively for the PlayStation 3.  This game is also available for Xbox360 and PC.


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