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SlayerCon 2 – Day 1 Coverage

SlayerCon 2 – Day 1 Coverage

SlayerCon 2 Day 1 Coverage

One of The Fighting 1:18th Founding members, Fogger1138 attended the event and has the Intel for us!

We started in a smaller room than we had last year due to a scheduling screw up with the hotel, but moved into the big room by the end of the day.  SlayerDave built on his demos from last time,  showing us how to cut open a mold and talked at length about some of the hurdles in molding.

Guys who get pissed when it takes them a long time to get orders would’ve hated this part.



We got to see a bunch of the Shapeways stuff that GI Guppy is offering.  As well as  some of Fighting 1:18th member Falcone’s upcoming guns.  Nice stuff and apparently we’ll see more of it during Day 2.

Dave discussed Repro possibilities including vehicles,  he’s all for it.  We have Reports that they are looking into the feasibility of doing replacement parts for big stuff like the Huey and SuperCobra.  We didn’t get to look at them during Day 1 though.


We got a first look at a simplified demo version of Relic Wars.  Today was zombies vs. survivors.  In the first game Fogger made it a grand total of 18 feet – woo!

We were able to see several products that are not yet available in store.  Among the new products were updated versions of all the Battleforce 2000 guys,  some villains from Relic Wars and several Zombie Sculpts.



The best part of the Con was the people.  Plenty of familiar faces from last year including fellow Fighting 1:18th member Obi-Shinobi and Asphalt from Hunter Artworks.

A few Con goers were also selling items including lots of vintage parts, figures and vehicles.  One participant was even selling two of the old BBi “Hinds”.

As with last years event,  the knowledge on customs,  molding and casting was appreciated.



Day 2 of SlayerCon 2 will feature a flocking demo for diorama trees,  foam cutting/shaping demo for dios,  wax sculpting demo,  more Relic Wars,  several hundred pieces from the store will be appearing and much more.

Stay Tuned for continual coverage of SlayerCon 2.


Big Thanks to  Fogger1138

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