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Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

The Autobot Campaign picks up right after the Decepticon one as you play Chapters 6-10.  The story starts with Optimus,  Bumblebee and Ratchet defending the Autobot Capital City.  Along your journey you will battle Starscream,  take on a recon mission at the Kaon prison and have an epic Boss battle with Soundwave and his minions as you rescue Zeta Prime.  As you continue the story you will experience Optimus becoming a Prime,  you will get to play as fan favorite Autobots Ironhide,  Warpath,  Jetfire and Sideswipe just to name a few and you will fight the massive Trypticon in one of the most ruthless Boss Battles that I’ve ever played.

Overall I really enjoyed the Campaign mode.  High Moon did a great job using as many characters as they could,  telling a very detailed story,  throwing nuggets for hardcore fans and giving you a fun experience.  My favorite part of the Campaign is the Boss Battles,  they really add to the experience and have a nice balance of difficulty and fun.  I completed the story mode 3 times.  I recommend playing it once alone and than again on Co Op.

The graphics are good but could use some improvement,  the frame rate and variety could use some attention.  The redesigns are great and you can easily identify all the Transformers.  G1 fans,  don’t be concerned about the redesigns as this game takes place before G1 remember?  The animation is fantastic especially during melee strikes,  transformations and interactions with switches,  doors and turrets.

The audio resembles the Transformers brand perfectly.  Optimus Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen,  Steven Blum voices a handful of characters and Fred Tatasciore does a very menacing Megatron.  The sound effects are amazing.  The transforming sounds,  the explosions and screams of soldiers right before their deaths are top notch.  The soundtrack is pretty basic,  however it fits within the game.

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