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Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

The most surprising aspect of WFC is the deep and rewarding online modes.  I was expecting to play through the campaign and spend a few hours online and call it quits.  I played for several months every day for many hours online.  If you are familiar with any Modern Warfare game than you will really enjoy the perk and experience system in WFC.  It’s almost identical and that isn’t a bad thing.

The main competitive online mode only features generic Transformers that you get to customize.  You select your base model,  choose colors,  modify load outs and choose your vehicle.  You have 4 distinct classes to pick from and all have unique abilities.  If you plan on collecting all the trophies/achievements,  you will need to max out each class.

The 4 classes are Soldier,  Leader,  Scientist and Scout.  Scouts are smaller vehicles and robots who utilize speed and quickness.  They have a cloaking ability that allows them to sneak up on enemies.  The downfall is they have very weak armor and do little damage.  The scout was my least favorite class.  The Scientist was loads of fun.  At first it was frustrating as they have the weakest armor and die so quick.  Once you understand how to play as a Scientist,  you will really enjoy the class.  Scientists are the only Transformers who can fly and they really come in handy during Conquest games.

Leader is a strong class that has a great balance of everything.  Leader gives power ups and boosts to other players.  Leader also has powerful weapons and armor in both vehicle and robot form.  My favorite class was Soldier.  Soldier fits my play style perfectly.  Soldiers have the most powerful weapons,  decent armor,  decent speed and great abilities.  When I used the Soldier class,  I was always on the top of the leader board.

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