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Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3 Review

When Killzone 3 was announced,  Sony fan boys from around the world were ecstatic.  I was no different,  I placed my pre order right away,  went back and played some more KZ2 and watched the net for every piece of news and videos that came out.

Finally in early 2011,  Killzone 3 was released on the Playstation 3.  The buzz around this “Halo Killer” was tremendous.  I purchased my copy at midnight and immediately started the Campaign.

This First Person Shooter picks up right after the previous title as the Helghast and ISA are still at war.  The first mission has you playing as a Helghast guard as you walk through a weapons factory until you end up at the execution room.  You start to participate in the live execution of a captured ISA Captain until it’s revealed that you are actually Thomas Sevchenko and you interrupt the execution.

Immediately after the first mission you are brought back to 6 months earlier and right after the events of KZ2.  You play the entire Campaign mode as Sev,  the main character from KZ2.  Sev’s goal is to take down the Helghast or die trying.  You will recognize several characters from KZ2 as your divided and depleted ISA forces try to win the war with the Helghast.

I strongly recommend playing KZ2 before playing this game as you will have trouble understanding the story and history of the war.  You also won’t appreciate the characters and drama of the game without experiencing KZ2 first.

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