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Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3 Review

The Campaign mode will have you traveling to rich environments with incredible details.  The variety in the levels make the time fly by as you will fight in nuclear wastelands,  jungles,  the arctic and of course the beautiful city environments that KZ2 was famous for.

The story has a ending much like KZ2,  you get a satisfying ending to your difficult journey however you will soon realize that Sony and Guerilla Games have more in store for you and the series.

The first thing you will notice about KZ3 is the rich fantastic graphics.  The visuals are stunning and I often found myself falling behind or coming close to dying as I was caught admiring the graphics.  The character models,  animation,  level design and concept are top notch and one of the best looking games of all time.

You will also feel like your actually in the war with the Helghast.  KZ3 brings you into the game as you experience every intense battle, exchange barbs between your squad, and ducking from Helghast fire.  Your in total control and can get lost in the overall experience.  This makes up for some of the more predictable moments that do occur in the story.

The controls are very well done in KZ3.  They are similar to KZ2 with a few adjustments that feel tighter and closer to actual real life.  When your climbing a ladder,  it feels like your climbing a ladder.  Your weapons and gear have different weight to them,  when your holding a large machine gun,  you turn slower than if you were holding a pistol or sub machine gun.

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