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Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3 Review

The single player is fun and challenging,  especially if you plan on trophy hunting.  However the lasting appeal of all FPS these days are valued in the Multiplayer experience.  KZ3 excels in this area and continues the trend as one of the most addicting and fun MP games.

The online portion of KZ3 is broken up into 3 game modes.  The most popular mode returns from KZ2 and is called “Warzone”.  Warzone is a frantic objective based game mode that features 24 player maps as each team tries to complete 7 rotating objectives.  The ISA and Helghast will compete in Body Count,  Search and Retrieve,  Capture and Hold,  Search and Destroy and 2 rounds of Assassination during Warzone games.

I played Warzone the most as it’s one of the most enjoyable online game modes that I’ve ever played.  You also have the chance to play “Guerilla Warfare” which is your basic Team Deathmatch and a new game mode titled “Operations”.

Operations feature 16 player maps that have teams battle for control of specific objectives.  The game will switch to cinematic cut scenes during the actual match featuring real online players as they complete important tasks.

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