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Road Blocked?

Road Blocked?

Joe Con 2012 is in full swing and the news,  photo’s and coverage has been coming in at a furious pace.  As we have been discussing the updates from our friends at OG13.com as well as other Joe sites like GeneralsJoes.com,  it was announced today that two figures were pulled out of the display case shortly after they were displayed.  One of our Forum Founder’s Birddog surprised us today with a rare photo of a possible upcoming Roadblock which was one of the two figures that was yanked out of the Hasbro case.  Here is a quote from Birddog:

Here’s a picture of the Roadblock I took. Not the best but you can see what he looks like.  Tattoo and all. Good looking figure.  Wish I had been prepared to take more pictures. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot of the new Roadblock figure.

The photo was taken with a camera phone and doesn’t exactly have the best quality.  You can tell from the photo that this Roadblock is the most movie accurate figure that has been shown so far.  The figure also sports The Rock’s real tattoo on his left arm which is something that hasn’t been used on the previous 3 figures that have been released and shown.  The figure will be in high demand by collectors with the bonus of two working hands,  no spring loaded junk and the loss of the Arashikage tattoo.  We’ll keep you updated if any news develops on this figure and of course feel free to discuss everything Joe Con 2012 Here

Big Thanks to Birddog for the Intel!

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  1. Wow. That’s… I’d like one of those.

  2. Great find, and what a timely shot that was! Amazing fortune for Birddog!

  3. Excellent figure!!! Thanks for the news 🙂

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