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Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

Before I get into the core of the game,  I’ll cover the single player campaign mode.  The campaign mode is very serious and the story is something that any FPS gamer has likely experienced.  It seemed like EA took 5 or 6 of the best selling FPS and rolled them up into one.

You play as a few different soldiers as part of flashbacks from a interrogation of SSGT Henry Blackburn.  It’s 2014 however you will play missions that aren’t in chronological order.  They  include the streets of Paris, a New York subway,  Iraq-Iran border and Northern Iran.  Your main enemy in the game is the People’s Liberation and Resistance.

The campaign mode is fairly short and predictable but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.  The hand to hand combat has button commands on the screen which was a nice twist and I really enjoyed the skydiving mission.  With Trophies/Achievements and the ability to play some missions in a Co Op mode with a friend,  BF3 has some decent single player replay value.

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