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Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

Now on to what 99% of the fans of Battlefield 3 enjoy,  the multiplayer.  The game modes available are Conquest, Team Deathmatch,  Rush,  Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush.  My personal favorite was Team Deathmatch however Conquest seemed to be the most popular.

I played the game exclusively on the Playstation 3 and for the PS3 the player cap is 24 per map.  Speaking of the maps,  they are huge!  Depending on the game mode,  certain parts of the map might be sectioned off and even with that,  they are still big.  The main objective to work as a team through these giant maps to eliminate your opposition.

It’s a thrilling ride to run across the Battlefield as a Tank is leading the way,  Choppers above you providing cover fire,  running into an enemy around the corner,  stick your knife in him and collect his dog tag.

BF3 comes with 9 maps pre loaded on the Blu ray disc and they have a wide variety to them.  Grassy hills, urban settings,  water,  deserts and my favorite the subway map.  More maps are available through Down Loadable Content that I will cover shortly.

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