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Airtight by Rick

Airtight by Rick

Officer member Rick is a staple of the Fighting118th.com.  He’s a constant inspiration with his fantastic diorama’s and custom soldiers.  Rick likes to take characters and modernize them to a real world aspect.  A perfect example of this is his Bio Combat Airtight which is based on the 30th Anniversary edition G.I.Joe figure.  Below is a quote from Rick:

I painted with Tamiya Dark Yellow, Black wash and brown dry brush.  I left the connection thing on the shoulder that always seems to rub paint off the natural yellow. Figured, why fight it, it can be an indication of a bio grade suit.

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  1. Rick is one of the many talented customizers here at the fighting 1;18th when it comes to figures and vehicles. I strongly encourage you to check out the gallery of work Rick has done in the past and contiues to do. He never disappoints!!!

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