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Cobra Stickers “Summer of Skystriker” giveaway

Cobra Stickers “Summer of Skystriker” giveaway

With no Retaliation product coming until 2013 most likely and things looking dismal for a lot of GI Joe product this year, cobrastickers.com has a great way to turn that frown upside down. When you place an order with them you are entered to win one of three custom Sky Strikers from them. Skywarp, Thundercracker and Starscream will be the ones up for grab.

Taken from their home page:

“From now until July 31st, every order that includes a product from our Factions Section will be entered to receive one of these beautiful planes. We’ll be kicking things off with the lovely Starscream Skystriker.”

So, since product will be far and few between most likely now would be a great time to work on some of those projects you may have had on the back burner.  Looking to restore an old GI Joe vehicle?  They have plenty of variety to suit your needs.  They also have flag and battle damage stickers.  Here are some of the new items that they added recently:

-Skystriker Starscream, Jettfire and Thundercracker sheets

-Robotech sets

-Battle Force 2000

-Drednock sets

-Night Rhino

-Crusader Orbital Space Shuttle

-Tactical Battle Platform

-Falcon Glider

-Viper and Falcon Gliders

-Mobile Command Center

That’s just a few of the newest things they have to offer out of their selection of 336 sheets.  Check out what’s new and get a chance to win a nice custom GI Joe Sky Striker while getting some stickers to restore an old vehicle or do something of your own.  More details are on the home page of their site.

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