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Resistance: Fall of Man Review

Resistance: Fall of Man Review

You have a lot to like in Resistance.  A badass main character,  a great alternate history story and excellent visuals and audio.  My favorite part of the game is the weapons.  The weapons range from 1950 style guns to the extreme alien guns.  A personal favorite is the L23 Sniper Rifle that allows you to slow down time.  Often times in FPS games,  you will find one or two weapons and tend to stick with them during your play through. That won’t be the case in Fall of Man as you will enjoy the 15+ different guns.  The variety of grenades are fun and entertaining as well.

The Online mode features up to 40 players per map and it runs smooth.  I never ran into a problem with lag, even back in 2006.  You can create and join clans,  you have a ranking system that allows you to go all the way to 60 and tons of trackable stats.  The real strength in the online mode is the maps.

The maps are very well designed and give you the perfect variety.  You have sniper based maps,  run and gun maps, and close quarter maps.  The maps are based on England and depending on the game you can choose different sizes for the map.

Most maps have the Chimera vs. Humans and each side has their own abilities.  You do have the ability to set up custom matches however I chose to stay in the ranked matches.  Vehicles are absent from the online mode.

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