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Delta Operatives by Obi-Shinobi

Delta Operatives by Obi-Shinobi

Forum member Obi-Shinobi has done it again!  He recently shared his Delta Recon Operatives with the forum. This 4 man squad sports a very realistic vibe that resonates well with the Fighting118th.  The team was completed by using a wide variety of parts including the fan favorite Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper.  Obi-Shinobi has always been willing to share his fantastic customs and we can’t wait to see what he has planned next.

Here is the Recipes:

Heads – random masked styles
Torsos – shock trooper
Arms – ST and desert Duke/Ripcord
Hands – ST and Ret SE
Legs – ST and Dusty
Weapons – modified Bravo, BBI, and Hasbro
Helmets – Bravo
Gear – ST vests with added various pouches, and Ret SE vest
Packs – Bravo, BBI


You can enjoy individual photos of the team and the full gallery on Page 2 and don’t forget to join the discussion Here

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