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R.U.S.E. Review

R.U.S.E. Review

One of my favorite video game genres is Real Time Strategy and these games are primarily available for PC’s. With me being a console gamer most of the time,  I don’t get to enjoy the RTS games like I want to.  I was searching around for a decent RTS console game and came across R.U.S.E.  The game received some decent reviews and recommendations and I decided to snag a copy off eBay.

R.U.S.E. is set during WWII and features a wide variety of game modes.  Before I discuss the modes and story in detail,  I want to cover my favorite part about the game,  the zoom in/out battlefield.  Zoom all the way out and you see a table top map with blue and red markings for troops.  Zoom all the way in and you see actual soldiers, tanks, artillery,  buildings,  trees and everything else.  For most of the actual game play,  you will be more in the middle.

The graphics are enjoyable, especially in the Zoom In mode.  You can actually see your ground troops settling into forests and buildings.  The huge variety of units and surroundings all look great and the database that shows all the units for all factions was fun to look at.

The controls are surprisingly easy and fun for a RTS console game.  You can quickly scan over your battlefield and select units or groups of units.  You have a main menu button that is very responsive that you will use to create everything from planes,  barracks,  supply depots and everything in-between.  This is the first time I’ve ever played a RTS game and not needed or wanted a mouse and keyboard.

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