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R.U.S.E. Review

R.U.S.E. Review

The Ruses are the key component in the game. Depending on the mission you will get several Ruses to use against your enemy.  The most used one is called Blitz and that gives your unit’s a speed boost in a certain sector.  This helps with farming supplies and getting units into position quickly.

A few other useful Ruses are Spy,  Radio Silence, Decryption and Fake Offensive.  Spy is used to eliminate the fog of war for a short period of time to spy on a certain sector of the map.  Radio Silence covers the movements of your troops and Decryption intercepts your enemies plans.  Fake offensive sends in fake units to catch your opponent off guard.  You can send a fake Tank Battalion at your foe and flank them with a real Tank Battalion.

After you have played the campaign,  you can play single games against a wide variety of computer difficulties and you can play special operations that feature several different factions.  The Operations are both historical and speculative with one operation having the USSR vs. USA fighting in Berlin in 1948.

The factions that are available in all game modes except campaign are Germany,  France,  USA,  United Kingdom,  Italy and Soviet Union.  You can also purchase a DLC that allows you play as Japan.  Each faction has it’s own unique units.  USA has the Rangers and Sherman Tanks while Germany has the Tigers and Panzers.

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