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The X Reviews: Avengers Movie Hawkeye

The X Reviews: Avengers Movie Hawkeye


Here’s where I’m disappointed, and greatly so. We knew to expect decreased articulation in this line, but by how much is just moderately depressing. No ankle articulation. No wrist articulation. No torso or waist articulation. I’m surprised the legs can move at all! Hell, it’s only vaguely more articulation than the GI Joe Retaliation vehicle drivers.

Minus the poor articulation, it has the rest of the basic Hasbro POA. The neck has a ball for the head to rotate freely with some slight up and down movement. Basic ball-jointed shoulders and elbows, however the shoulders don’t much allow the arms to get close to the body, nor do the elbows get a full ninety degrees of movement.

The hips are Marvel ball-joints, and much like the Amazon Renegades pack Stormshadow(and “Ninja Viper”), they move much better than the hips on most other Marvel figures, leading me to believe they are pegged in horizontally, rather than at some arbitrary angle that makes posing difficult. The thighs rotate, the knees are ball joints and rotate. Again, the ankles have no movement, and that’s a shame, because I could forgive the lack of torso and wrist movement if there were better posing options.

It leaves options for the customizer, though. So anyone that wants to put in the effort to give Hawkeye better movement, more power to you!

“I’d take a knee if I could, honest!”

“…why is everyone staring at me??”

“Why yes, this is as far as I can bend my arm. Why do you ask?”

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