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The X Reviews: Avengers Movie Hawkeye

The X Reviews: Avengers Movie Hawkeye


Okay, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Yes, it’s a decent sculpt with a few minor redeeming qualities. But to me, it just fails on so many levels. Articulation is severely lacking. If there’s no ankle joints there should at least be double knee joints. No wrist articulation at all? Less than ninety degree bends at the elbows making for poor posing with his weapon. At least the GI Joe Retaliation figures that had poor articulation could still rotate their wrists.

No, to me this is a figure that while it has some good qualities, they are not enough to help this thing and raise it’s grade. It’s not near worth the price I paid. 6-7.99 would be more appropriate, and at least it has better movement than the TDKR figures! If you want a good movie Hawkeye, I’d consider the 6″ version.

My grade? D, for poor articulation and bad accessories.

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