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Rocker Ankle Tutorial

Rocker Ankle Tutorial


Courtesy of forum member Obi-Shinobi.

Ok guys, here we go! I’ll be demonstrating with the coveted ST , but this can be applied to any figure.

Start by removing the stock feet –









Using a blade, carefully cut the joint from the foot –









Now use your dremel to define the new slot, and drill the corresponding holes in the foot, for the ankle pegs. –









Which should leave you with something like this –









Now, locate a pair of articulated hands for the new ankles. I’m using 2 Ren Duke left hands because they’re a darker color and most importantly, the POA run in the same direction. Meaning, there’s symmetry to the joint shapes. Cut the hand from the joint –









Sand around the edge of your new cuts. This will aid it fitting to the lower leg –









Ok, once you’ve test fitted everything and you’re happy with it, glue them in place –









Here’s a comparison with the stock lowers –









Painting the new ankles is optional depending on what fig and what hands you use.

Other than that, he’s ready for action!









Thanks to Obi-Shinobi for sharing these tips for giving our figures more posing options!

Questions or comments, feel free to join the discussion here!

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