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1:18th Scale News!

1:18th Scale News!


We here at the Fighting 1:18th have a couple announcements to share. Both of which were discovered and brought to our attention by the ever informative and consummate F1:18 straight-man, K-Tiger! They are fairly exciting bits of news, and at least it gives us a glimpse into the future of 1:18 scale and the options that we, as collectors, have ahead of us. And what do these companies have to tantalize us, and seduce the money from our wallets?



First up is Merit’s “new” Huey. While I’m excited that we’ll be getting a Huey again, I have to wonder about their choice in mold. Perhaps this is all they had to choose from, and I’m not entirely certain that it’s an “all new” mold. It bears enough resemblance to 21st’s Hogshead II to make someone believe that they just bought the rights and cast their own. It would be nice to find some differences in it, but I don’t have high hopes. That aside, I don’t mind all that much as again, it’s a Huey! And the rumored price at $100 is much more tolerable than some of the prices we’ve seen online in recent days. I’m looking forward to this, if for nothing more than to have some variation among my collection.




Next up is this “Gun-Shield” Humvee from BBI. Now, while this is not exactly something BBI has officially stated that they are going to (re)release, as only 30 pieces were ever made, they have stated that they might reproduce it in the future. Whether this means they still have the molds or are looking to re-do the entire thing from scratch remains to be seen. Still, it does show that they are trying to gauge some real interest with the collectors, rather than just slapping some paint on an existing mold and releasing it with a ridiculous price tag. As there’s no official word on release, there’s no way of knowing what the price might be.


Thanks, K-Tiger, for finding this information and sharing it with us! Feel free to join in on the discussion! For comments on the Huey, click HERE. And for comments on the Humvee, click HERE.

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