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Tofujesse.com Announcement

Tofujesse.com Announcement

Officer Tofujesse comes through with a HUGE announcement that will affect the mega popular Tofujesse.com.  A new customer friendly web site is in the works that will improve the turn around time on orders and fix some logistic issues that Tofujesse has experienced as of late.  What does this mean for you?  How about less wait time,  easier payment options and lower prices!  That’s right, as Tofujesse works on his new site, he has dropped the prices on the existing inventory in order to have a fresh start. Check out the Official Announcement below:


As my ongoing efforts to provide the best experience possible to my customers. There are a few things I need to change. I will be launching a new Tofujesse site very soon that will take care 99 percent of my problems with lost orders and the 4-6 week turn around on some orders. I have also dropped prices on existing inventory to clear it out, some of the existing items I offer will not be on the new site. I am also marking items out of stock on the old site as I sell out. As of today Nov 1st 2012  I am starting a new policy. If your order does not ship within 10 days from the time of placement I will refund you 100% of your order and still ship your order.  So stay tuned for updates the new and better Tofujesse.com is coming.

Also, if you have gotten a shipping email or I have told you your stuff was shipped and you haven’t gotten it please check with your post office. I have gotten back a packages that aren’t being picked up. Some of them were my orders that weren’t showing up.

Tofujesse already has a reputation for putting his customers first and his turn around time is already miles ahead of his competition.  Now he is providing a 10 day shipping guarantee!  This is big news to the 1:18th scale community.  If you would like to check out Tofujesse’s site you can do so Here and you can discuss products and ask him questions Here.

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