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2012 Fighting118th Toy Exchange

2012 Fighting118th Toy Exchange

It’s that time of year again!  We are doing our annual Fighting118th Toy Exchange. Last year we were able to double the participants and we are expecting an even bigger turnout this year as well.  Major Blood will be once again hosting the event and you can read the official announcement below:

A little late to the party but it’s that time again! I will update the list about once a day (hopefully) for who has joined. When you sign up please mention if you can do international shipping. If no response then I’ll assume no.

Don’t go overboard on items. A figure is good enough but if you want to do more feel free. Everyone that participates please take the time to update your BST list too. There are no guarantees you’ll get what you want but at least it gives a guideline. Of course, you must be in good standing to join. If you are not I will let you know and why. If anyone needs help finding items PM me and I’ll see what can be done.

There must be tracking for domestic shipping. International at least needs a customs number. Last date to ship will be 12/14 for domestic and 12/1 for international. Any questions or suggestions please post and I’ll try to answer pretty quick or things will be up for debate. Public opinion is always welcome.


A few things to remember about this event:

  • This is for fun!  No need to get crazy with the exchanges.  A good gauge is $10 and under
  • Let people know what you like.  Update your B/S/T list or post it in the 2012 Fighting118th Toy Exchange thread
  • Think of our International friends.  If you can ship International,  please say so.  Remember it’s not as easy to obtain items outside the U.S.A.
  • USA last day to ship is 12/14 and International 12/1.  Don’t be Lazy!


If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact a member of the staff.  Join in on the discussion and sign up Here

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