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1:18th Scale Snowmobiles!

1:18th Scale Snowmobiles!


Hot on the heels of the “new” 1:18th scaled product(the Huey and Humvee), comes some news on products that are actually available. Forum member SGTDUNN found these babies at Fred’s for a price of 7.95! Not a horrible price for something suitable for your snow-themed figures, and from what the images show, they have a good deal of detail to show off.



From the pictures SGTDUNN provided us, it looks like these have some real suspension going on up front, and looks like the tracks on the rear do move. Even if they don’t move, from what I can see, the track looks real enough and any roller wheels are very well hidden. These would be a great addition to your motor pool, especially if you live in an area where you have an actual winter that gives you snow for your dios!



This is a spectacular find, and I for one will be looking around for ways to grab a few of these. Sure, I live in the desert so snow is only a myth, but I still want these in my motor pool. Thanks, SGTDUNN, for sharing these with us here at the Fighting 1:18th!





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